Hello.  I’m glad you’ve found us, and hope we can help you make a big difference to data creation (and distribution) within your business.

We’ve spent almost 2 years building this software, and at times it has felt like a very long journey.  We’ve been fortunate to have a couple of visionary businesses join us on our journey; they kindly provided the ‘live’ environments within which we could prove (and improve) our product – the 6 case studies are drawn from the use of AppCan within their businesses.

And we hope you like our overall approach: that is, low, scalable fixed costs, no contractual tie-in, inclusive of all managed services and secure storage, the data always being yours, and always being accessible to you.

Be assured, we are business process people first and foremost, who have moved into software development only because we couldn’t buy what we really wanted to use within our businesses.

Consequently, we like to think we share your view point and have anticipated most of your immediate needs within the functionality of AppCan.

Why not let us prove to you that big data problems can be solved with small, clever software solutions!  It will cost you nothing to find out.