To get the best out of such a powerful business tool as AppCan, you need to be able to empower your employees – it’s not just the case of buying a few annual licences, adding a quick bit of training and job done.

You might miss a trick if you don’t take a moment to identify those within your business who have the capacity to dream a little; those who are quick to seize on something and then ask, “okay, what if we tried this..” or “how about doing such and such..”

Why?  Because it is these individuals who will re-shape your business thinking around data collection, and influence all those around them too; such that AppCan becomes a tool within your business, as widely accepted as, say, MS Word for all your ‘word’ based activities, or MS Excel for ‘number’ related activities: AppCan becomes part of your business toolkit for handling data collation and data distribution.

Finding them within your organisation’s structure may surprise you too, as they are often hidden in plain sight.  Clearly your senior or middle management tier will need to comprise one or two ‘visionaries’ to get initial buy-in and leadership, but the engine room will often be found within your field-based staff and back-office personnel.

Ferreting them out is an art, but one well worth your investment in time.  Once identified, give these people space to flourish and to influence – they’ll reward your faith in their abilities many times over.