When you purchase an AppCan licence, you are getting so much more than a mobile app and web portal.

It is vitally important to us that your data is safe, secure and accessible 24/7/365, therefore the AppCan network and server architecture has been carefully designed to provide the robustness and resilience expected by our clients.

How is this achieved? The AppCan cloud is built up of three ‘Tiers’. The ‘Presentation Tier’ is the visual interface you see when you log onto the AppCan web interface, the ‘Logic Tier’ does all the clever stuff that provides you with the information you need, and the ‘Database Tier’ is the data store where your information is held.

Each ‘Tier’ has it’s own server architecture (and backup and disaster recovery procedure), allowing us to provide the optimum user experience when you logon.

What happens if a server fails? The user would be unaware that there is a server issue, backup servers kick in and the user continues to work on their AppCan web interface, whilst the failed server is fixed. We can even switch to a completely different data center if we needed to, and of course, we constantly backup your data.

To keep your data secure, we use 256 bit encryption and use SSL authentication to ensure your data is transmitted securely.

We don’t just stop there! Our network and servers are constantly monitored, and if we spot a potential problem, we are on it before it becomes a problem!