Core AppCan Platform


Build a template for your paper-form…

Replicate your existing paper or digital forms with our easy-to-use AppCan Report Builder. Our powerful and highly flexible web interface lets you create data collection forms tailor-made to your precise business needs. LEARN MORE       >

App Builder

Build interfaces for your users to capture field data on their mobile devices…

Your people working in the field complete the same familiar forms but using the AppCan Mobile app on their iOS or Android devices.  Reliably capture, record and submit any type of data from anywhere, at any time and instantly file completed records directly to your project folders and Construction Project Packs. LEARN MORE        >


Distribute documents to your field-force in organised folders…

No need for hard copies or searching online, AppCan Mobile gives your field workers access to the latest project documents directly from their smart phones and tablets, even without an internet connection. LEARN MORE       >


A unique automated field process: capture data, convert to PDF form format, add to distributed document folders…

This unique AppCan feature allows data collector submissions to be converted to PDF documents and automatically ‘filed’ within document distributors (e.g. a project pack). LEARN MORE      >


Send important alerts to your field-force with PDF or video attachments…

AppCan’s ‘Alerts’ function lets you broadcast messages to selected employees. Far more  efficient than text messages or email, even offering a ‘read’ function, to let you know which of your recipients have seen your message. LEARN MORE       >


One-to-many record relationships, create mutiple records from a single record…

Building and maintaining dynamic ‘Parent/Child’ relationships within database architecture is very complex, but AppCan now includes an ingenious but simple-to-use method of allowing you to build ‘Data Collector’ apps which automatically break single submitted ‘Parent’ records into separate ‘Child’ parts. LEARN MORE      >

Send / Schedule Records

Schedule records to mobile users, via automated or manual planning interface…

Not only do you share the content created in AppCan with your community of mobile users, but AppCan allows you to re-direct submitted records to other users too.  Think activity task & work instructions, resolution of audit findings and safety actions, pre-construction surveys or site specific risk assessments and method statements.  AppCan’s Assign feature allows you to schedule data captured by other mobile users to relevant field-force teams, and you can even import part-populated records to the portal for distribution to your operatives.

Forward Records (mobile-to-mobile)

Mobile users can create and send records to other mobile users…

Very often, two or more members of your field-force can be involved in raising, reviewing and approving form submissions before they become ‘final’ versions.  Our unique mobile-to-mobile (M2M) sharing feature allows forms to be raised, relevant sections completed then ‘pushed’ to other mobile users for additional information to be added.

Data Field Types, Data Assurance, Working with Data

Signature Capture

Assured with date & time stamps and GPS location details…

We provide two special field-types to cater for signature and photo capture.  Time / date stamps and GPS (lat & long) readings are recorded simultaneously whenever a signature panel is signed, or a photo is added from the device camera / photo library.  AppCan Mobile possesses an excellent native mark-up tool; ideal for marking your images or making sketches on site.

Photo Capture

Different resolution settings, specify max / min numbers, assured with date & time stamps and GPS location…

We provide two special field-types to cater for signature and photo capture.  Time / date stamps and GPS (lat & long) readings are recorded simultaneously whenever a signature panel is signed, or a photo is added from the device camera / photo library.  AppCan Mobile possesses an excellent native mark-up tool; ideal for marking your images or making sketches on site.

GPS Locations

Map style and zoom options, manul pin adjustment plus conversion to eastings & northings…

If you need to visualise the records submitted by your field-force on a map, our Maps feature allows you to do just that.  Using the lat & long readings from photos, signature and location field types, we render PINs on Google Maps to show where data has been captured or submitted.  PINs are interactive too, showing summary details about the record as well as linking to the full record within the database.  Perfect for managing processes such as daily whereabouts / been-abouts, or requests for support activities.

Video Capture

High resolution, small file-size, high-speed storage, share by streaming…

Insert video & audio capture options within your forms.  Ideal for documenting pre/post construction surveys or any event in the field where notes and photographs cannot provide sufficient context or detail.  You can specify a maximum run time for all recorded videos.  Videos can be embedded as streaming links in printed forms or attached to AppCan message ‘Alerts’.

Calculating Fields

Introduce fields that calculate values based upon inputs from other moble fields…

Combine values captured in numeric data fields to display a mathematical result on a mobile device, e.g. volumes from length x width x depth measurements; and more complex calculations such as tonnage, test durations or other inputs into engineering processes (fixed values can be specified in calculations).  Differences between date, time and date/time fields can evaluated too.

Drill-Down Pick Lists

Create tiered pick lists to help mobile users filter options and make the right choice…

If you have a very long pick list and want to make it easier for mobile users to select the right option, then set it up as a tiered (‘drill-down’ style) pick list.  This clean interface presents clear and uncluttered pick options to mobile users.

Repeating Sections

Use these whenever different events in a form require the same data fields to be populated…

Whenever your form needs to capture the same data but for more than one item, then turning on repeating sections provides a capability to capture this data without having to create unique fields in your form.  It’s a feature which makes building forms and reports much easier too.

Data Capture Rules

Make data capture interfaces smart, add rules to expose sections or questions…

Your forms can respond to data entered by mobile users.  Use our simple rules wizard to expose specific questions, entire sections of data fields or information warnings within the mobile interface.

Data Assurance

Full record revision history, created / modified / uploaded date & time stamps / read receipts…

Independent server time stamps will let you and your users know when records were modified and submitted.

Data Redaction

Supports your GDPR obligations, specify when individual data fields should be permanently erased

Sometimes the type of data you need to record is covered by data privacy regulations.  Apply settings to specific data fields within your forms and let AppCan permanently erase these data entries after a specified retention period has elapsed.  It provides peace-of-mind and evidences your business is compliant with current privacy requirements.

Data Loaders

Pre-populate AppCan with record data, every data capture interface comes with its own bespoke data loader…

You might need to pre-populate forms before sending partially completed records to your mobile users to complete in the field.  If your data import is in Excel format, you can upload single or bulk records into AppCan via a bespoke data loader that we automatically create for every form you build.


Where cell / wi-fi signals are very weak / cannot be found…

Never lose any data. You’ll always be able to work with AppCan in the field, even with limited connectivity – AppCan catches up as soon as connectivity becomes available.


Synchronise the same account across mutiple mobile devices…

Content changes within your account are perfectly synchronised, so they’ll update any device you use.

Access to Data, Data Analysis


Authentication and end-to-end data encryption…

Keep your data safe with 256-bit encryption and SSL authentication Hosted on European Microsoft Azure Cloud servers. Backed by a Gold Microsoft Partner for development and support ‘Banking’ standards of encryption used for both the mobile app and the web app.

Data Warehouse

Choose what to store in our data warehouse, we flatten the data to facilitate analysis via database query tools…

Mobile XML can be difficult to analyse using software like PowerBI or Tableau.  If you choose to enable our data warehouse for your forms, then data is passed in real-time to tables where it is presented in a much more suitable format for you to analyse.

Business Intelligence

Point Power BI at our Data Warehouse, you can publish real-time dashboards in AppCan too…

From the AppCan Portal your back office can instantly access, monitor and distribute all data coming in from your mobile teams. As each new record is submitted your digital project packs and Health and Safety files are built up automatically. LEARN MORE       >

Report Builder

Use our built-in reporting tool to interrogate your data, it costs nothing to use…

If you don’t use third party analytical software, use our own report builder interface to generate complex reports and charts.  We’ll train you how to use this as part of our on-boarding.  You can use this feature to create PDF templates to print your records to.  Exact copies of your existing paper-based layouts can be created.

Email Notifcations

Create email triggers advising when new records are received or to schedule delivery of multi-record reports…

Let AppCan automatically send new record notifications, data exports and summary reports to any distribution list of email accounts.  A simple configuration tool allows email schedules to be set up.  You control the title, how often it should be sent, to whom and what form/report is attached to the email.

Export Service

Download record data in CSV format using our export service, you control the layout of exported data…

Access to your data couldn’t be easier, simply filter the records you wish to export and let our export service take over to provide you with CSV data you can open in MS Excel. Use the data grids to tailor column layout, then what-you-see-is-what-you-get!

API / Connectors

Use our suite of endpoints to move data from AppCan into your core systems, you can upload data remotely too…

We provide a comprehensive set of application programming interfaces to perform actions such as extracting data/documents/media, remotely updating AppCan pick lists, adding new versions of documents and managing AppCan user accounts.  They provide flexible access to everything you create on AppCan, or may wish to write to the platform.

Auto Archive

Want to hang on to your data for many years?  Turn on auto archive to place it into cold storage…

No need to make alternative archiving arrangements for your data.  Switch on our archiving feature to automatically sweep aged records into cold storage.  Use the same AppCan data viewing interface to access and retrieve archived records.  Once cold storage records age beyond a point you specify, they are permanently erased from the platform.

Platform Architecture

Cloud Storage in MS Azure

UK datacentre, unlimited storage size, delete or archive records after three years…

Every licence includes unlimited data storage, on mirrored servers that are guaranteed to be up 100% of the time. You will never lose any data.

MS Azure Application Services

99.9% up time, automated security patching, no VMs, geo-located backups, disaster recovery procedures…

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us.  Our choice to host databases, file storage in MS Azure is a big part of our commitment to ongoing security.  Having migrated to full application services in Azure, we benefit from automatic and continuous MS security updates.  Our platform sits behind a firewall and cannot be reached from public addresses.  In addition to end-to-end encryption, we maintain a comprehensive set of policies on cyber security, disaster recovery and system support.

Branding and Licencing

Mobile Licence Keys

Pay up front, add further licences when required, no tie-in beyond 12 months…

AppCan’s pricing is clear, with nothing hidden. An annual user licences includes everything from hosting and server management to support, upgrades and even an unlimited number of backend users.


Bespoke portal and mobile login screens with your company logo…

You can tailor the appearance of AppCan, so it looks the same on every device you use.

Free Updates

New features are continuously released to AppCan without additional charge.


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