New Multiple-Location GPS Recording

GPS positional assurance is undoubtedly one of the key benefits of migrating to digital data capture. The ability to record and show where and when data is captured is fundamental for most types of asset and safety assurance.

If you use AppCan’s GPS Map Locations or ‘Photo’ field types in AppCan then every mobile record you capture and submit contains assurance data marking the position of photo, signature or simply a GPS lat & long record on a Google map.

But, what if you wanted to grab a bunch of records and look at the distribution of location data on one map. Well, now you can; we’ve added functionality, so you can choose which fields within your data collector apps you wish to see as pins on a map.

You can also select which fields from each record are displayed as supporting data when you click the pins on the map; essentially, you now have control over every aspect of the map view.